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description = Win! Play the game! Where can I win free prizes? Right here. It is a contest of your mind, sprit and/or body. MP3, MPEG4, .avi, .wav, streaming video, Real Audio, Microsoft, .mov, Quick Time and other multimedia dealing with the Socratic Method, paradox, trial-by-ordeal, riddle, rhyme, or labyrinth of logic... the Game Of Life (Will you be a winner or a loser... or, will you win the grand prize?) Free internet games, puzzles, brain teasers and contests... just for the fun of it. Win Free Prizes by Being the Master of a Game!

Philosophical Fertilizer
Based on the



The Great Race Against Time
A timed game. Try to answer questions correctly before your time runs out.

S.O.S. (The Game Of Living with a $10,000 Reward)
Win a cash prize by figuring out how to save the planet.

Play The Name Game
Can you figure out the name of this band?

The Sustainability Challenge
Can you feed yourself for a day?

Don't Open Pandora's!
How do you open Pandora's box without letting chaos break loose?

Free For All
Take the test of the quest for freedom.

The Crazy Anagram Contest
Can you figure out how to decipher this crazy mixed-up word?

The Labyrinth
Deep in this labyrinth of a web is a secret link. Find it and win prizes.

Another Stone On Da Wall Essay Contest
Are you a writer? Submit your prose and see if it gets published for the whole wide world to read.




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