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The xxDANg3r_Usxx
All are invited to participate in a new experiment.

We've been considering something fun to do... that might also have some positive side effects. Let's call it An Experiment?

You can participate in many ways. In fact, maybe you already have? It can be as easy as following along at home. We will post our progress on this web space. Perhaps you, or someone you know, would like to be more involved. That would be great, too. We're looking for production assistants, web engineers, photographers, cameramen, actors, models, musicians, dancers, scientists, writers, graphic artists, sound and light engineers and anything else we might dream up.

For a starting point, we'll construct an outline.

The Conceptual Stage

  1. Motivation
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Who owns what?
    2. Do we need to seek permission to use other people's Intellectual Property?
  3. What tools do we have available to complete our tasks? Using today's technology, is it possible to take our ideas from conception to completion?
    1. If so, what is the best way to get started.
    2. If not, do we want to try to invent new technology?

Step 1 -- The Conceptual Stage

The Motivation
The first thing to do is consider "the vision". What do we envision the project to look like? Literally, how will it appear? Figuratively, what sort-of feel will it have?

As a writer, the answers to these questions might come by examining your motivation. If you are passionate about something, it tends to make the writing come easier. At the very least, you can turn a job into fun by choosing something you like to work on.

The impetus for this project, is gaming. All right! There's something I like to work on. The initial spark for this experiment in gaming came from watching Halo 3 Live.

Here is a quote:

Have any of you seen/played the Halo 3 Xbox 360 live? It's pretty serious - broad band Internet gaming with live voices. It's sort-of like having Internet telephone for free, too.

I've seen more than 360,000 gamers on at a time. It is a first person shooter game. There are several ways teams are formed. Then, the bestest fastest brightest kids in the world cooperate and compete. The result looks like rapid adaptation... growth.

I wouldn't be surprised if the military was watchin' in... because they like grabbin' the cream of the crop. Branches of the military have been using video game coordination to find the best recruits for years. The angels' halo is probably heaven for them.

It is a multi-cultural experience where worldwide team building skills are required. One's ability to communicate and effectuate with others is essential to winning.

Another interesting thing about it is not only can you socialize with all those online people, but you can also split your screen for multi-player from the same console.

If you haven't tried it, this is the way we'd suggest -- get wired to some international youth today!

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